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Summer skin care of model Mahmud Rifat. 

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  • 21 April, 2024 11:00:55

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Life Style Desk: Model Mahmud Rifat is one of the finest model in Bangladesh fashion industry as a fresher model. He working very hard. He won Mr and Miss Photogenic 2022 second runners-up. Now he is very busy with his modeling. He is working with some brands as a selected model. He said everyday we have to take so many makeup ffor photoshoot, and now in this summer we need proper skin care. As a model It's very necessary for me.

Dehydration in summer causes skin damage, skin becomes dry as well as skin loses its glow. The amount of dehydration depends mainly on how much physical activity a person does, how much water they drink and the type of weather.

Dehydration or dehydration can cause dark spots around the eyes and visible eye fatigue. Now the question is, what should be done for skin care in Vapsa summer.It is better to use a water based face wash or cleanser to clean the skin.It is necessary to wash the face with water every two to three hours.Sunblock cream should be used according to skin type after bathing. Sunlight causes skin dehydration and dulls the skin's radiance. So it is better not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Sun block cream, umbrella, sun cap/hat, sunglasses etc. should be used when going out of the house during the day.

Bathing with overly alkaline soaps can dehydrate the skin. If you don't get enough rest and sleep in hot weather, the sleep cycle is disrupted, which affects the skin. The skin becomes dull. So you should sleep for seven to eight hours every day.

During this time, it is necessary to avoid excessive makeup. Using only water based makeup or foundation will save the skin from excessive dryness.

All kinds of stress should be avoided. If a person is tension free, the skin cells like other organs are relaxed, then skin glow is seen.Meanwhile, the role of overall diet in skin care is very important. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet with the main components of the diet. Drink plenty of water. Drink moderate amounts of water every two to one hours without drinking too much at once.So we have to maintain our self, and skin care is important for everyone. Stay safe and take more water in this summer.Lots of love for everyone.

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