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Democracy still at stake running for re-election: Biden

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  • 19 September, 2023 11:36:02

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International Desk: US President Joe Biden commented that democracy is still at risk. He said he is running for re-election as democracy is still at risk. In addition, the US Democratic president has also acknowledged the concern of others about his age. Biden made these comments during a fundraiser for his campaign in New York on Monday (September 18) local time. Reuters reported this information in a report on Tuesday (September 19).

US President Joe Biden is raising cash for his re-election campaign while visiting New York for meetings with world leaders, and also acknowledged concerns about his age there on Monday, according to reports. He said he is contesting the elections because democracy is still at risk. "A lot of people seem to be paying attention to my age," President Biden, 80, told supporters at a fundraiser in New York on Monday evening local time. Well, I understand that.

Believe me, I know my age better than anyone.' The next presidential election in the United States will be held in November 2024. Former US President Donald Trump has already announced that he will compete in that election. On the other hand, Joe Biden has been talking about running for the second term as the US president for a long time. Biden defeated then President Trump in the last election in 2020.

However, Trump is ahead in public opinion polls ahead of other leaders of the Republican Party who are in the running for the presidential nomination ahead of the next election despite that defeat in the past. And so Biden and Trump may face off again in next year's election. "I will run because democracy is at stake," Biden said on Monday. There should be no question that Donald Trump and his MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy.

And I will always protect, uphold and fight (for democracy) our democracy.' President Biden is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and press leaders to continue supporting Ukraine in its war against Russia, according to Reuters. In addition, the US president has tried to unite the world to stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Joe Biden said, 'I will not stand with a dictator like Putin. Maybe Trump and his MAGA buddies can bow, but I won't.'

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