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Ukraine claims to occupy an important village by removing Russian troops

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  • 19 September, 2023 00:05:30

International desk: Ukraine has demanded to take over a strategically important village in the eastern part of the country by removing the Russian troops. Ukrainian forces have recaptured Klishchivka, one of the main villages on the eastern frontline, the country said.

Located south of Bakhmut, this village is strategically important. Apart from this, Ukraine is also continuing to retaliate against Russia's attack.  

However, such a victory or success on the battlefield is particularly important for Ukraine, an AFP report said on Monday. That's because President Volodymyr Zelensky is preparing to visit Washington next week to attend a session of the United Nations General Assembly as well as try to drum up support for Kiev.

It is important for Kiev to demonstrate the success of the counteroffensive by Western-backed Ukrainian forces, essentially in order to garner more support for Ukraine. However, the progress in Ukraine comes as two senior Western figures have warned against expecting a quick end to the ongoing conflict.

"Klishchivka has been liberated from the Russians," Oleksandr Sirsky, commander of the Ukrainian military's ground forces, posted on social media.

President Zelensky, meanwhile, praised the troops fighting near Bakhmut and those involved in retaking Klishchivka from Russia in a separate evening address to the nation.

Zelensky also said that Kiev is "preparing new defense solutions for Ukraine". Without elaborating on this matter, he said, 'Air defense and artillery will be the priority in this regard'.

The village of Klishchivka was home to several hundred people before the Russian military launched an offensive in February 2022, AFP said. However, in January this year, Russian troops occupied this area.

Ilya Yevlash, a spokesman for Ukrainian forces in the east, said control over the village of Klishchivka could help the Ukrainian army encircle Bakhmut, another strategically important town. After a long and bloody battle, Russian forces captured Bakhmut last May.

Apart from this, as a result of occupying this village, the Ukrainian forces will be able to move towards the Russian forces more easily and fire better, he said.


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