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Terrible earthquake: all the students of a school in Morocco are dead

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  • 16 September, 2023 11:27:30

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International Desk: The African country of Morocco was devastated by the terrible earthquake. Thousands of people have died. In such a situation, another incident has come to the fore. Which makes the world cry. All 32 students of a school died as a result of the earthquake. According to BBC news, Arabic and Persian language teacher Nesrin Abu Elfadel. There were 32 children in his class. After the catastrophic earthquake in Morocco, he went to look for the students and found out that none of them survived.

The children's home is in Adasel village in the central part of the country. Elfadel went to the village to check on the students after the 6.8 magnitude earthquake last week. He went and found that the whole village was in ruins. The areas south of Marrakesh suffered the most damage from the earthquake.

Where many hill villages were completely destroyed. Adasel is one of those places. Describing the students as 'angels', Elfadel said despite struggling with poverty and expensive lifestyles, the children and their families made going to school a top priority.

We had our last class on the night of September 8, just five hours before the earthquake. According to the report, the day after the earthquake, the teacher went to the village and looked for everyone one by one. When he learns that no one is alive, he bursts into tears. He said, I look for them by taking the attendance book of the class. A total of 32 people. Later I came to know that everyone died. After such a big grief, school teacher Nasreen's voice is very cold.

However, he was traumatized. Suffering from trauma. He said, 'I can't sleep. I am still in mourning. People consider me lucky. But I don't know how I will live the rest of my life. About 3,000 people died in the September 8 earthquake. In addition, the amount of damage is high.

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