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Shahrukh revealed some of his secret information

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  • 14 August, 2023 00:07:25

Entertainment Desk: Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, likes to live his life openly without keeping any secret. Movie lovers know this more or less. SRK has acted in the films of all the famous directors of Bollywood. Almost the movie became a superhit. Those who work with Shahrukh also know that he comes late to the shooting sets. Khan Sahib can never reach the set on time. However, he returned home after finishing the shooting. Although the information about the delay in the shooting set is old, Shah Rukh Khan himself has brought it to the fore.

Before the release of the movie 'Jawan', the king of Bollywood revealed his secret information. According to the Indian media Aztak Bangla, Shahrukh's handwritten letter is circulating on social media. The six-page letter revealed the actor's childhood story. Shah Rukh wrote in that letter that he has a penchant for acting since childhood. And great copying ability.

At first Hema imitated personalities like Malini. Dev Anand, Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Babbar and others joined the list one by one. It is also known from the letter that Shahrukh's father had a restaurant. The first-rate stars used to come there too. As a result, King Khan had the opportunity to see them closely. And that made a deep impression on him. It is believed that Shahrukh's letter is probably from his college days. He was in his final year at Delhi's Hansraj College. At that time he told about his childhood in the letter.

More is known about Shah Rukh's childhood, he could do one more job besides fake. He could write Shayari in Urdu since childhood. He used to read that shayari himself to everyone. Her shayari, cheek toll, sweet smile - easily won the hearts of the stars. The directors liked him very much. He also wandered in a dream state. And he dreamed in his heart, he would grow up to be a hero.



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