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We don't want any conflict, we want people's development: PM

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  • 28 May, 2023 23:15:18

News Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, 'Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman received the Peace Award (Julio Curie Peace Medal) and preached the message of peace. But he had to give his life. We don't want any more turmoil, we don't want conflict. I want peace, I want people's living standards to improve.

He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion organized on the occasion of the celebration of the '50th anniversary of the Julio Curie Peace Medal' of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Sunday (May 28). The event was organized at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.

Sheikh Hasina said, after the assassination of the father of the nation, there were military coups one after the other. Many were brutally killed, including political leaders and military officers. The people of the country had to spend 21 years in such a turbulent environment.

In 1996, we came to power for the first term and started doing developmental work. Sometimes BNP Jamaat alliance came to power again. They took the country to the edge of the abyss by torture , corruption , money laundering on the leaders and workers of Awami League .

Bangabandkanya said that since the 2008 elections, there has been a peaceful democratic environment in Bangladesh. That is why Bangladesh has been able to develop socio - economically today . Awami League formed the government after winning the 2008 elections After that, I worked for the development of the people of the country in a planned way.

That is why we have been able to reduce the poverty rate. Reduced the poverty rate from 41 percent to 18 percent. Literacy rate increased, life expectancy increased. I have been able to reduce maternal mortality. The Prime Minister said, 'People will no longer beg.

Will continue with his dignity. That is our goal. We have made achievements by working with that goal in mind. Changes that have taken place in the socio - social sphere ; This was achieved because there was a peaceful democratic situation after the government was formed after winning the 2008 elections.

Everyone should remember this. A stable environment has made this achievement possible. A peaceful and stable environment is conducive to economic emancipation of people. This should always be remembered.' He said, 'Today Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country.

By 2041, we will develop Bangladesh as a developed country free from poverty and hunger. This journey to build a developed Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty will continue. This is our promise today.


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