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The damage that can be caused by using a cover on the phone

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  • 22 May, 2023 00:04:27

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Information Technology Desk:  Almost everyone uses a cover to protect the smartphone. If there is a cover, it is not a problem if the phone falls from the hand. Also different types of covers also increase the beauty of the phone several times. But just as the cover keeps the phone in place, it also damages the phone.

Surprisingly, this is true. Technology experts say that using phone covers does more harm than good. Let's take a look at what phone covers can do to your phone-

. Many use cheap phone covers. Doesn't care about quality at all. This is not true, if you don't use a good quality phone cover, there is a high risk of bacteria accumulating inside the phone.

. Putting the phone cover on makes the phone heat up quickly, causing the phone to hang quickly. Even when the phone overheats, quickly remove the cover. It can save the phone from exploding.

. Technology experts say that the phone heats up quickly due to the cover on the phone. As a result, charging is also slow. Even the phone stops working after some time.

. There are many phone covers that have magnets. Try not to use all those covers. Because that kind of cover can cause problems with GPS. As a result, the phone map will not work properly.

. Remove the cover while charging the phone to avoid damage to the phone cover. Whenever you play games, it is better to keep the phone cover open.

. Many times it is seen that the fan gets hot after using the phone for a while. In that case, keep the cover open.

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