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Gauri Khan's first book release, Shah Rukh Khan shares his feelings

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  • 17 May, 2023 09:30:07

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Entertainment Desk: Shah Rukh Khan released wife Gauri Khan's first book in Mumbai on Monday. This coffee table book by designer Gauri Khan is called 'My Life in Design'. This book is written mainly about interior design. While talking to the media on this day, King Khan also opened up about his relationship with his wife. Convince him that it is more than a husband's duty to attend this event. The actor said, 'Gauri and I have known each other for many years. He's 14, I'm 18 and we've known each other for many years and sometimes when we know each other for so many years we start to lose that respect for each other's work because we take each other for granted. I have been doing my work for a long time and Gauri has done her best to do her part.

We raised three beautiful children. Having been the wife of a cine star who has achieved great fame with the blessings of God and people.'Still, Shahrukh Khan says, in our family, including my 10-year-old son, everyone has a subtle sense of creativity. I think for 23 to 24 years of our married life, I was so busy building a house in Mumbai and getting so much love from people from our profession, raising children that Gauri didn't realize that there was another side of her that needed to be given life. This book represents all of that I think.

The book contains several unseen pictures of the Khan family taken inside Shahrukh-Gauri's Mumbai home Mannat. Gauri also posted some pictures from her on her social media. King Khan said, 'This book is for everyone who cannot give time to creativity in life. You can start at any age. Gauri started this work at the age of 40. Even after starting a small 10 feet by 20 feet shop, he did it all by himself and is still doing it, according to King Khan, Gauri is the busiest in their family. Because in the words of the king-wife, he finds peace through work. Incidentally, Shah Rukh Khan himself has written the foreword of this book.


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