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I was singled out in Bollywood: Priyanka

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  • 29 March, 2023 01:33:43

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Entertainment Desk: Popular actress Priyanka Chopra left Bollywood at the height of her career. Migrating to distant America. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is working on a web series with Russo Brothers after several movies and popular television shows there.

Now his name can be heard with the first row stars of Hollywood. This Bollywood actress has established her place in Hollywood. Sometimes returns to Bollywood, but it only pulls back home.

Many are questioning why Priyanka left Mumbai when she was at the peak of her popularity. According to a report published in the Indian media, the actress answered this question in an interview recently.

Many may not know that Priyanka entered Hollywood by singing. He was seen in music videos like 'In My City', 'Exotic'. Priyanka sang along with world famous pop stars like Will I Am, Pitbull.

In that interview, Priyanka said that she received a call from Anjula Acharya while working in the film 'Sat Khun Maaf' in Bollywood. Anjulai first offered her to come to America and sing.

At that time, Priyanka was looking for a way out of Bollywood. He said, 'I was almost isolated in Bollywood at that time. I was not being cast well. Many people had problems with me. I was tired of all these dirty politics'.

However, even after coming to America and starting singing, Priyanka did not get much success. But his song became a means of communication with several Hollywood stars.

Priyanka said, 'I have worked in Bollywood for so many years. But at that time I was so tired that I felt like giving up'.

After spending a few days in Hollywood, Priyanka realizes that she is better at acting than singing. For this reason, he started looking for acting work in America. After auditioning one after another, he got a chance in the television series 'Quantico'. The rest is history.

In the last few years, Priyanka has worked with stars like Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Rebel Wilson.

He was even seen in a frame with Keanu Reeves in 'Matrix: Revolutions'. This time Priyanka has teamed up with Marvel famous Russo Brothers.

His acting spy thriller series 'Citadel' is going to be released next April. Richard Madden of 'Game of Thrones' fame also acted in this series.


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