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US lawsuit against Samsung over overheating issue

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  • 26 February, 2023 23:36:58

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IT Desk: Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Book 3 series of laptops and the flagship smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S23. The company recently faced a class-action lawsuit in the US over some older Galaxy Book models. Technology site Gazette also reported this information. The lawsuit filed in the federal court of New Jersey in the United States claims that some Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 3 models have overheating problems.

Samsung unveiled these laptop models in 2021. Haley Williams, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, claimed that these laptop models overheated even when performing basic laptop functions. Williams also argued that Samsung was aware of the issue and did not take any steps to fix it.

However, the lawsuit does not say whether the plaintiffs experienced the overheating problem from the beginning or whether it has been increasing over time. According to a report by Top Class Actions, the plaintiffs said Samsung refrained from disclosing any material information about their Galaxy Book laptops. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are only demanding a jury trial. He did not but asked for exemplary compensation.



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