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BCB's thoughts on organizing the Asia Cup

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  • 21 July, 2022 23:50:23

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Sports Desk: The Lankan Cricket Board has informed the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) that it will not be able to organize the Asia Cup due to the ongoing political and economic crisis in Sri Lanka. An ACC source said, "Sri Lanka Cricket has informed that due to the current political and economic situation in their country, especially when foreign exchange is concerned, it is not feasible for them to host this major six-team event in the country." However, the country is keen to host the tournament in the UAE. However, if not there, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board has said that the Asia Cup can be held in any other country besides India. In that case, the name of Bangladesh is the most pronounced in organizing the Asia Cup. Cricket fans of Bangladesh are also hoping that the tournament will be held on the country's soil. There is a lot of excitement on social media, can the next Asia Cup be held in Bangladesh? On Thursday (July 21) afternoon, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Chief Executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan was asked by the media to respond to this matter, but he avoided the issue. He said, "First of all, we do not know the matter officially so far. We are yet to hear anything officially from the ACC or the Lankan Cricket Board. Since we are not officially aware of the matter yet, it is not appropriate to make a formal statement or statement about it. He also said, "If Sri Lanka is really unable to host the Asia Cup due to the current situation in their country, then the Asian Cricket Council will sit down with all the cricket playing countries in Asia and decide what to do next." Only then will we be free to think or speak. It is better not to react now.' But Bangladesh is not interested in hosting? BCB CEO's diplomatic reply, 'There are more cricket playing countries in Asia. They will definitely want to host. Let's see what the ACC says!' But inside news, Bangladesh is interested in hosting the Asia Cup. As a reason, past history also speaks in favor of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was the host of the Asia Cup three times in a row from 2012. BCB also gained fame by successfully organizing the competition. So once again BCB can take advantage of that opportunity. Because if the Asia Cup is held in Bangladesh, the Tigers will also get additional benefits as a host in addition to financial benefits.

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