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Three Barcelona without Messi

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  • 25 January, 2021 11:45:09

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Sports Desk: Barcelona's fight with Sevilla ends with the number three place. Once Sevilla is number three, another time Barcelona is number three. Sevilla FC came up at number three after losing to Cadiz last. But Barcelona did not allow them to stay in this position for long. Lionel Messi's club took the third place again after losing to Elche. The match was at Elch's field.

There was some thought of an away match. Club captain Lionel Messi could not be in the squad against Elche due to a two-match ban. What Barsa would do in an away match without him was a huge concern. But Frankie de Jong seemed to be enough alone. He scored one goal himself and scored another.

With these two goals, the Catalans were able to leave Martinez Vallero at Elch 2-0. Ricky Pig scored the rest of the goal except De Jung. As a result of this victory, Barsa stood at 36 points after 19 matches. Real Madrid (second) is ahead of them with 40 points, Atletico Madrid is at the top with 48 points in 16 matches.

Who lost 3-1 to Valencia on the same day. From the beginning of the match, Barcelona continued to play with influence. But Ronald Araujo and Antonio Griezmann stood in front of the post and missed great heads, so Barsa could not go ahead at the start.

However, De Jong unlocked Elch's goal before the end of the first half. Barsa's first goal came from his foot in the 39th minute. After 10 minutes of the second half, Barsa had a great opportunity to equalize.

But Emiliano Rigona's great short shot from the foot was returned with great skill by Barsa goalkeeper Mark Ander Ter Stegen. Barsa secured full three points in the 69th minute of the match. De Jung gave Ricky Pig a great chance to score. After that goal, Barca left the field after securing a 2-0 victory.

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