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Teachers of Sherpur district have expressed dissatisfaction with the DPEO directive

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  • 19 October, 2020 16:58:09

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News Desk: The Sherpur District Primary Education Officer (DPEO) has given five instructions including going to the homes of indigent and unaware students in the Corona situation. He claimed that such instructions have been given to the students of this level to concentrate on their studies.

The teachers of the district have expressed dissatisfaction with such instructions. According to the instructions, the head teacher will give the responsibility to the assistant teachers by making a class-wise list. Children of indigent, unaware families of Sherpur district should be given home visit and concentrated on their studies. Teachers should regularly record the progress of their studies in their diaries. The headmaster and the Thana education officer will supervise the work of the teachers on a weekly basis and sign the diary.

DPEO, Upazila will be confirmed by checking and selecting the means of random selection. If necessary, the deputy commissioner can summon the diary. These instructions are asked to be communicated to the teachers through the field officers. Teachers of Sherpur district have expressed dissatisfaction with such instructions. They said that where teachers have been instructed by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and the Department of Primary Education not to go to school, they have been asked to communicate with students through mobile phones. He complained that the DPEO's directive was against him. Asked about this, Sherpur District Primary Education Officer Ferdousi Begum said, "If possible, students have been asked to go to their homes and concentrate on their studies."

Students from indigent and unaware families are not getting the opportunity to take classes on TV and radio, teachers have been asked to go door to door in the catchment area to do research. He said it was mandatory or no instructions were issued. Misunderstandings may have been created among the teachers. If we knew who was dissatisfied, we could talk to them and resolve it. This is an optional subject. One official said the children have not been able to go to school for a long time.

The children of indigent, unaware families are being deprived of education from sitting at home. It has been decided that they should not have child marriage. If no one does, no one will be held accountable.

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