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Russia has increased drone strikes targeting Ukrainian infrastructure

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  • 20 November, 2023 11:56:27

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International Desk: Russia has increased its drone attacks targeting Ukraine's infrastructure. Ukrainian President Zelensky said the country's air defenses are being strengthened to prevent drone attacks. On Sunday, Russia launched a series of drone attacks on the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

These attacks have been carried out targeting the Ukrainian infrastructure and energy sector for two consecutive days. General Serhii Popko, the head of Kiev's military administration, wrote in a telegram on Sunday that the city was being attacked from different directions. Ukraine's air force claimed 15 of the 20 Iranian-made kamikaze drones were shot down near the Kiev region as well as the cities of Poltava and Cherkasy, southeast of the capital. According to Popko, there were no casualties or serious damage.

Ukraine was attacked again 24 hours after a similar attack on Saturday morning. Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down 29 out of 38 drones flying from Russian territory. Ukrainian forces have intercepted all drones targeting Kiev. But a successful attack in Odessa injured a civilian.

More than 400 places were reported to have lost power. Ukrainian President Zelensky said on Saturday evening that Ukraine is strengthening its air defenses knowing that Russian attacks are expected. He said, 'As the winter progresses, the attack efforts will increase. So the Ukrainian forces have to be 100 percent alert despite all odds, fatigue. Last winter, Russia launched hundreds of rocket and drone strikes targeting the energy sector and infrastructure across Ukraine.

Ordinary people were forced to endure severe winter without heating system and electricity. The temperature has started to drop again in Ukraine. Therefore, Ukraine is preparing for the attack. In the summer of the current year, Ukraine also started small-scale drone attacks on Russia.

They retaliated on Sunday morning. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, "An attempt by Kiev to carry out a terrorist attack using a drone against the Russian Federation failed." Mayor Sergei Sobyanin later wrote in a telegram that there were no casualties in the attack. There were no casualties.

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