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Houthi seized Israeli-owned ship in Red Sea

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  • 20 November, 2023 11:14:59

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International Desk: Houthi rebels in Yemen have allegedly taken control of a cargo ship owned by an Israeli citizen in the Red Sea. Yesterday Sunday (November 20) morning, the ship named The Galaxy Leader was seized from the South Red Sea near Yemen.

The Houthi rebels claimed that they seized the ship in response to Israeli aggression in Palestine. But Israel has alleged that it is part of Iran's terrorist activities. Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported that the ship is owned by the United Kingdom. It is operated by Japan.

It is owned by an Israeli businessman. The ship was supposed to leave Turkey for India. Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sari said in a statement Sunday night that their fighters had taken control of the ship.

All security is being provided to the sailors in it. He also said, "We will continue military operations against Israel until the Palestinian aggression against our brothers in Gaza and the West Bank is stopped." The statement also called for sailors from other countries not to work on Israeli-owned ships.

Separate statements from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office and the country's military said Iran was behind the ship hijacking by the Houthis. This proves that Iran is carrying out terrorist activities against free citizens of the world. However, Iran has said that Tehran has nothing to do with this incident of taking control of the ship.

Israel accuses them indiscriminately without any evidence. On the other hand, informed about the seizure of the ship, the United States has said that they are closely monitoring the matter.

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