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No need to hate Messi if you love me: Ronaldo

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  • 07 September, 2023 22:49:08

Sports Desk: The two biggest football stars of the generation are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two have been ruling world football for more than 15 years. It was their greatest success in European club football. These two have shared all the best awards and titles in football. Their duels are also known as the best duels of the generation. 

Meanwhile, in the twilight of their careers, both Messi and Ronaldo have moved away from the range of European club football. Ronaldo has moved to the Saudi club Al Nasser, while Messi has chosen Inter Miami as his new address.

Meanwhile, there was always an argument between the fans and supporters on the question of who is the best between these two. However, by winning the title in the World Cup in Qatar, Messi has moved ahead in the question of the best. Yet there is no room for disagreement that the Argentine football wizard and Portuguese superstar is the greatest star of his generation.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo's words also have a similar impression. During the break from club football, footballers are now busy playing for the national team. Ronaldo will also play for Portugal. And in an interview before entering the field, he said that there is no rivalry between him and Messi.

Ronaldo said, 'There is no need to hate Messi if you love Ronaldo. They are both the best. Both of them changed the history of football. That is why we are respected all over the world. He made his way and I made mine. And from what I have seen, he is doing well.' 

Then Ronaldo said, 'This legacy will continue. There is no duality here. I have already said that we have shared the same stage for 15 years, I would not say that we are friends. But we are professional colleagues, we respect each other.'



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