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Publication of reports on various activities of Thakurgaon District Police

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  • 05 September, 2023 23:13:46

Thakurgaon Correspondent: Thakurgaon district police report on various noteworthy activities was published for the month of August. Superintendent of Police Uttam Prasad Pathak presented this report on behalf of Thakurgaon District Police on Tuesday. 

According to the report, Thakurgaon district police conducted significant special activities in the month of August. Out of this, 193 cases were settled by the district police in the last one month. Apart from filing 893 cases under the Road Transport Act, a fine of Tk 36 lakh 68 thousand was deposited in the state treasury. 8 lost motorcycles, 1 auto and 27 victims were recovered. 26 mobile phones were recovered. 275 arrest warrants were disposed of. Disability Service Desk of District Police provides service to 123 women, children, elderly and disabled. 44 non-FIR prosecutions, 1 thousand 67 yard meetings through beat policing, beat policing and community policing 1 thousand 67 and day and night patrolling 1 thousand 72. 1 thousand 719 passport verifications, 203 employment verifications and 191 police clearances were provided. 

Also 46 Alamat Nispati, 46 NER, 55 P&A and 2 Jail Parades were held. 368 accused were arrested and 90 drug dealers were arrested in various cases. Special anti-narcotics operation conducted 1 thousand 432 pieces of yaba, 1 thousand 51 pieces of tapendadol tablets, 13 bottles of foreign liquor, 4 kg 925 grams and 2 ganja plants and 206 bottles of Phencidil, 1.250 liters of liquid, 27 grams of heroin and 105 liters of Cholaim. was rescued. 

After the addition of Superintendent of Police Uttam Prasad Pathak, various activities of Thakurgaon District Police have already gained reputation. In this way, it is expected that Thakurgaon district will be drug free by improving the overall law and order situation of the district by conducting special operations.


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