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I was on the elevated expressway in no time, it was like a foreign country

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  • 03 September, 2023 23:35:24

News Desk:  Shafiq Sadiq lives in Mohammadpur in Basila. In the morning, elder brother will go to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He drove a private car and took his brother to the airport and came back to Phile. 

Regarding the experience of riding on the elevated expressway, he said, I left immediately, Alhamdulillah. On top of the expressway, it felt like a different Dhaka, it was like a foreign country. A different experience, feels great. Farmgate, Vijay Samarni, Kakali and Banani did not have to get into any trouble. Many people have forgotten about paying 80 taka toll in the experience of flying road.

Kabir Hossain will go to Dhanmondi from Uttara. Talk about Farmgate. Kabir Hossain said, 80 taka toll collection. I didn't think I would come in such a short time. I could have come in 10 minutes but I came in 17 minutes. I came to see Dhaka city from above. 

Traffic on the much awaited Dhaka Elevated Expressway (Dhaka Udalsadak) has started. Sunday (September 3) from 6 am. Motorcycles and CNG auto-rickshaws have been banned from the airport to reduce accidents. However, several CNG auto-rickshaws and motorcycles tried to ply the road. The drivers of these vehicles could not cross because of volunteers and police.

Elevated expressway is going from Kawla area adjacent to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Farmgate. It takes only 10 minutes to travel this distance of 11.5 km. 

Those concerned with the elevated expressway claimed that after the launch of the elevated expressway, the traffic congestion on Airport Road (Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Sarani) would be reduced to some extent. Now you don't have to sit in the car for hours.


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