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Just because I dance doesn't make me a heroine: Nora Fatehi

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  • 29 August, 2023 21:14:27

Entertainment Desk: Despite having talent, many people are neglected. Some people remain behind despite doing quality work. Looking at these, it seems that good deeds are not appreciated without the blessings of God of Fortune. Nora Fatehi has that fate. Because the movie became a hit with the item song. But still the makers did not think of her as the heroine of the movie more than once or twice.

Now Nora opened up about the matter. He said, no one wants to take risks with him. This information has emerged in a report of the Indian media. Nora Fatehi, Bollywood, Item Song. In a recent interview, she said, 'I don't think, I am not taken as a heroine because I am a dancer. Our iconic heroines were also dancers and did great work. They also competed in item songs.

It (item dancer) is just a part of being a heroine. In fact no one wants to take the first risk with me; They might think, let's see who takes him. If she does well in all aspects, i.e. acting skills, presence, glamour, linguistic skills can all come down, then we will take the chance. Mentioning that the newcomers are not given a chance, Nora further said, 'Suppose four heroines are doing a movie and they are getting regular work.

The makers also think about those four people, they don't think beyond that.' Nora Fatehi, Bollywood, Item Song A song sung by Nora was released a couple of months ago. The music video of the song titled 'Sexy in My Dress' was made on a huge budget. But this beauty could not fill the hearts of the audience with her voice even though she was successful in swinging her waist. 




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