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50 men in the trap of cheating model!

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  • 22 August, 2023 23:35:29

Entertainment desk: 50 men trapped each. He cheated them and looted 35 lakh taka. Mumbai model Neha aka Mehr has been arrested by the police for cheating men in a trap. Allegations of his fraud are now worrying the police.

How to trap model Neha? In this incident, the police said, Neha used to call the men to her house by showing various temptations. After that, the intimate moments between him and the two men were secretly recorded on camera. Sometimes those men were beaten naked. They were also videotaped. And these videos were his main tool.

According to the report of Indian media Anand Bazar, Neha used to blackmail the targeted people by sending secretly recorded videos on Facebook, WhatsApp. And the victimized men used to give money to him out of fear of honor.

According to the police, model Neha is not the only one involved in this gang. Many others were with him. The Karnataka police recently busted the curtain. Said that so far more than 50 men have been victims of this fraud. The matter came to light only after one of the victims lodged a complaint with the police.

A young victim told the police that Neha first contacted her through Telegram. After that, after taking the phone number, they started talking on WhatsApp. The model told the young man that her husband works in Dubai. After that, he hinted to her in various ways to engage in sexual relations. Neha also sent some pictures and address of herself on WhatsApp.

The complainant claimed that he went to Neha's house around 3:30 pm on March 3. After going to the house three young men went there in a while. They beat the young man. He also threatened to strip her naked on the streets. Later pressured him to pay 3 lakh rupees.

The victim also said in the complaint that he first sent 21,500 taka to a phone number. However, he is not released. He was detained till 8 pm. He later escaped by telling them to go home for a credit card.

Following his complaint, the police started an investigation. The investigation revealed that model Neha has cheated many others like that young man. 35 lakhs looted through fraud. Three people have been arrested so far in this incident. Neha has also been arrested. The police also said that the search is on to arrest the others involved in the gang.


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