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Apu Biswas inaugurated 'Harlan Store' in Jamalpur

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  • 11 August, 2023 22:35:02

Jamalpur Correspondent: Popular actress Apu Biswas has inaugurated "Harlan Store" in Jamalpur town. On Thursday (August 10) Sardar Para of the city inaugurated this store. During the inauguration of Harlan Store, Apu Biswas said that Harlan Store is sure to get all the famous international quality cosmetics and beauty products. is doing. So I believe this store will be able to respond very quickly to the cosmetics users. Products from Harlan, Nior, Ciodil and Blaze & Skin will be at hand as premium quality products are assured.

Harlan related people said, 'Harlan Store' has taken the initiative to launch these stores to deliver quality products to everyone in the country. Keeping in mind the needs of the consumers, Harlan has kept up with the times and made their product lineup modern and trendy. With premium packaging and quality products, this brand has a variety of makeup accessories like primer, foundation, concealer, lipstick, gel eyeliner, mascara and nail polish in its lineup. All of which can be found at the Harlan store. In addition to Harlan, world-renowned popular brands Nior, Ciodil, Blaze-O-Skin and Lilly's original cosmetics products can be found in these stores.

Blaze & Skin' shower gels, body gels, scrubs, lotions etc. 'Lily' Brand Honey, Lemon, Q Cumber and Aloe Vera flavor face wash. Ciodil brand skin care products. Niacinamide, vitamin C, E, B3, salicylic acid etc. are used in Ciodil products which are very effective in solving skin problems. Not only this, the store will also include fashion products related to cosmetics like glasses, lenses or eyeliners.



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