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The importance of the Minister of Telecommunication in verifying the information of Facebook ID opening

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  • 23 April, 2023 12:24:24

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News Desk: Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that Facebook is working as a personal web site or news media. Besides, in some cases, its misuse, including providing false information and spreading rumours, is creating a dangerously unstable situation. Noting that the unstable situation is not only the society or the state, it is also a big challenge for Facebook, Mustafa Jabbar said, to face this challenge, Facebook authorities should take effective initiatives to verify the accuracy of Facebook IDs with national ID or mobile number in order to prevent the use of fake contacts. will be Facebook's Bangladesh Affairs Officer Suzana Sarwar said these things in a meeting with the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications in her office at the Bangladesh Secretariat. Mustafa Jabbar, the pioneer of digital technology development, has made Facebook to abide by the laws and regulations of Bangladesh, apart from spreading lies and rumors or disparaging information harmful to state, social and personal security and honor from within the country and outside the country, terrorism, militancy, sectarianism, treason, pornography, gambling and social media of Bangladesh. -Requested Facebook not to publish data against cultural values.

Mentioning Bangladesh as a big market for Facebook, he said that in continuation of the Digital Bangladesh program, a strong telecommunication infrastructure including internet has been built across the country. Like other countries in the world, Facebook has an opportunity to invest in Bangladesh.

The minister also stressed the need to be vigilant so that no evil forces use Facebook as a tool for their lies, propaganda or personal attacks. Facebook representative Suzana Sarwar said that the policies, laws of other countries and the situation in Bangladesh are very different. We are cautious about harmful content. Any regulation must take into account the personal safety of people. Our policy has been repeatedly told by the government to be aware of risky content, and we have taken measures in that light. In the future, Facebook will take necessary measures

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