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Government working to achieve climate-related sustainable development goals: President

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  • 23 March, 2023 13:04:59

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News Desk: President Md. Abdul Hamid said that the government is working to achieve the goals of sustainable development related to weather and climate announced by the United Nations. In a message given on the occasion of 'World Meteorological Day 2023', he said, to achieve the target of sustainable development related to weather and climate declared by the United Nations, the government of Bangladesh is working to deal with various natural disasters and adverse effects of climate change, including high temperature, extreme rain, lack of rain and flood. The President said that the world I am happy to know that World Meteorological Day is being celebrated in Bangladesh like other countries.

This year's theme set by the World Meteorological Organization is 'The future of weather, climate and water within the next generation' which I think is timely and significant in the current context. Noting that the weather and climate of Bangladesh is temperate due to its geographical location, it is becoming extremely dangerous day by day, he said, as a result, adverse effects are being observed in the country's agriculture, public health, fisheries and biodiversity. Bangladesh, like the rest of the world, is using various research programs and advanced technologies to combat the effects of climate and weather change.

The President said that the Bangladesh Meteorological Department is implementing various projects with the aim of keeping the damage caused by weather, climate and water to a minimum level. Advanced mathematical models, state-of-the-art radar and satellite technology have been integrated with existing technology for weather monitoring and data analysis. As a result, it has been possible to reduce disaster losses to a large extent by providing more accurate and early forecasts of natural disasters. He said, I hope, through the use of modern scientific technology, it is possible to deliver weather and climate related services to people's doorsteps quickly. The President wished success to all the programs undertaken on the occasion of 'World Meteorological Day 2023'.


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