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Google is adding new AI tools to Gmail

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  • 18 March, 2023 12:00:38

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Information Technology Desk: Last November, OpenAI brought a new chatbot, ChatGPT. After that there is now an interest in ChatGPT all over the world. About 100 million people around the world used ChatGPT in January alone. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot system or conversational application.ChatGPT or Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. This is an application of artificial intelligence called 'Large Language Model Tools'. It was launched by OpenAI. From chatgpt recipes to math solutions, varsity assignments, reports, you will get all kinds of information in this chatbot.

However, with the popularity of ChatGPT, others are concerned. Looking for ways to survive in the competitive market. The most at risk is the search engine Google. With the popularity of ChatGPT, Google's users are decreasing. For this reason, Google has announced the introduction of a new chatbot. Which is named by Bard. Now Google has made a new announcement. This time, Google is going to bring AI tools to e-mail as well. That AI tool is going to be used not only in Gmail, but also in collaboration and cloud software.

Dueling chatbot was launched by tech giant Alphabet in last month. They have brought a magic wand feature for Google Docs, which can automatically compose marketing blogs, training plans or other texts. After listening to the user's instructions, he can write everything according to his mind. Google is going to bring supported human Bing with AI collaborator in the next stage in Google Cloud. That will work in realtime. AI has already released generative tools for cloud computing customers. One of Google's most powerful large language models is using Palm, which can generate text like a human. The user can fine-tune that AI model with their own data and information.


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