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Ways to watch Netflix platform for free

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  • 20 February, 2023 23:19:04

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IT Desk: Netflix is ​​currently the most popular OTT platform. At the beginning of 2022, Netflix had to face a lot of financial losses due to the loss of customers. However, the platform has gradually regained some of its customers in various ways. However, password sharing is currently not available on Netflix for free. If you want to share password with friends, you have to subscribe.

The cost of watching Netflix has also increased more than before. Love to spend time on OTT platform. But while paying the subscription fee of Netflix, that love has to be moderated. But there are also ways to watch Netflix for free. Let's know how you can use Netflix for free-

>> There is an opportunity to sign up for a free trial on Netflix. But you will not get this trial opportunity for more than one month. Even here you won't get a chance to watch all the content. >> Even if you pay for the subscription to Netflix, you can use the first month for free. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the month if you want to watch the next month for free. Note that you cannot legally get a free Netflix account for more than one month.

>> Can share your password with others. In that case Netflix 4 or 5 devices need permission. Then you can share the password with others in exchange for money. You don't have to spend more on it. You can view Netflix content at the same rate as others.




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