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The West is giving warplanes to Ukraine to counter the Russian forces

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  • 06 February, 2023 23:16:54

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International Desk:  Ukraine's allies have agreed to provide warplanes to the country to counter Russian forces. Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, said this. He said this in a press conference on Sunday. At this time, Reznikov said, warplanes from the allies are on the way. With these, within a few weeks, the Russian forces will be heavily attacked. 

Earlier, Ukraine asked the US and Germany for warplanes and warships. But Zelensky's claim was directly rejected by the two countries. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Oleksi will be removed from the post of Defense Minister. He may be replaced by the head of the country's military intelligence department. 

Earlier, the United States, Canada, Poland and Germany announced the supply of tanks to Ukraine. However, before the tanks reached the country, the Russian army increased the level of aggression. Russian troops are desperate to occupy the eastern city of Bakhmut in Ukraine. But Zelensky vowed to fight to the death to protect the city. 



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