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Chats on Messenger are now more secure

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  • 26 January, 2023 13:51:45

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News Desk: Facebook's chat app Messenger is used by almost all Facebook users. Apart from private chats, group and official chats are also done on this platform. But sometimes questions about security are seen in Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg's platform has stopped taking screenshots of chats to increase user security. As a result, now no one can defame someone else by taking a screenshot of their private chat. Meta has long since introduced end-to-end encryption on Messenger to keep users safe. But now users can use different themes, static colors and gradient themes in end-to-end encryption chat. In the same way, there are variations of emojis. They can be customized by the user himself.

There is also facility to use link preview, active status and bubble. Especially Android users will get this benefit. This new bubble feature will allow you to use Messenger while you are in another application. Once you enable this bubble feature, this bubble will appear on your screen every time you enter a message. As a result, there will be no need to search for Messenger even among numerous apps.

Even the new active status feature will let you know which friends are on. Your friends will also be notified when you've been active. The link preview feature is also going to be very useful for users, the company also claims. Before you click on a link, you can see what is actually inside it? Meta thinks that the risk of clicking on the wrong link will be reduced.

Source: India Times


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