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National University will provide 'mental health' training to teachers

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  • 24 January, 2023 15:43:30

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News Desk : National University will train teachers on 'Mental Health'. This training will be given to all the teachers of affiliated colleges. National University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Moshiur Rahman said this.

He said this in a function at the city office of the National University on Sunday (January 22). The event was the closing ceremony of the first batch of teacher training on 'Mental Health' and the inauguration of the second batch of training.

The Vice-Chancellor said that there is no substitute for training to improve mental health. Teachers of all subjects of Government-Private Colleges affiliated to National University will be brought under 'Mental Health' training. This training will continue.

Mentioning the importance of training in the development of mental health in building a better society, he said that training is essential for the development of both the health of education and mental health. It's not just that those who have mental problems, or are a little depressed are our targets. Not at all, but a world full of mental health is what everyone wants now.

The vice-chancellor of the National University also said that we have suffered the impact of Covid. Then we all felt from our own place - after seeing so many death processions, mental health should be the highest priority among the people of the world. But in reality, I saw that the world was not able to overcome the big crisis and entered into the Russia-Ukraine war. I think this is the biggest example of mental illness and depression.

The National University has taken initiatives to train teachers to make them aware of the mental health of students and teach them in the classroom.

Before this, the National University took the initiative to train teachers to be aware of students' mental health and to teach in the classroom.

On December 17 last year, the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Inaugurated the training on Mental Health. Mashiur Rahman. The first batch of training is done virtually. The training lasted for 11 days and ended on December 28.

Now the second batch of training in mental health will start from January 23. It will continue till January 30. In the second batch, 40 teachers from various public and private colleges affiliated to the National University participated.


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