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Scaloni opened up about Martinez's obscene gestures

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  • 22 January, 2023 15:55:05

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Sports Desk: After winning the World Cup in Qatar, Argentina's goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has been involved in many controversies. After the final, he has come under fire for his controversial stance on the best goalkeeper trophy and his return to Argentina by mocking France's Kylian Mbappe. 

Now Argentina's coach Lionel Scaloni opened up about his behavior.

Martinez played an important role in becoming the world champion. Many praised his performance. At the same time, the behavior of Martinez was also discussed. However, Scaloni described his behavior as 'childish'.

However, Scaloni stood next to Lionel Messi's favorite Dibu (Martinez's nickname), the team's best star. He said, 'Perhaps many will not be happy with Martinez's behavior. But he is a great boy. He is like a child. It may seem unbelievable to know how good the boy is. He needs to know better.'

In an interview, Scaloni added, 'Martinez is a discovery that has given us great joy. He has a different personality. That personality also gave us a lot. Although his views are quite childish.'

After the World Cup final, Argentina had to face a FIFA investigation mainly because of Martinez's controversial behavior. Apart from abusive behavior and attempts to disrupt fair play, there have been allegations of abuse by players and officials against the World Cup winners.

If the allegations are proven, Argentina may be severely punished by FIFA. Martinez will be largely responsible for that. However, Scaloni is standing next to the team's number one goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, not only in the final. Even after the quarter-final match against the Netherlands, questions were raised about the behavior of Messi, Martinez. Controversy ensued. All these things are under the watch of FIFA. Criticism did not decrease with the expression of joy of the Argentine footballers in the joy of victory in the quarter-finals and the final.

The president of France's football association wrote a direct letter to complain to the president of Argentina's football association. Martinez, however, never expressed regret for his behavior. It should be noted that his club Aston Villa also stands next to Martinez.



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