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Second phase of Ijtema: The last prayer is going on

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  • 22 January, 2023 15:50:49

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News desk: The final prayers of the second phase of Biswa Ijtema, the second largest gathering of the Muslim Ummah, are going on at Turagpar in Tongir, Gazipur. Media coordinator of the second phase of Vishwa Ijtema said that the last prayer has started at around 12 noon on Sunday. Sayem.

He said that according to the decision of the moderator and organizing committee of the second phase of World Ijtema on Sunday morning, the last prayer of the second phase of World Ijtema began at 12 noon. 

Maulana Yusuf bin Saad Kandhalvi, eldest son of Maulana Saad Kandhalvi of Delhi, the top teacher of Adi Tabligh, is conducting the final prayer in Ijtema. Before this he was the one who gave the guidance.

Meanwhile, worshipers from different parts of the country came to the Ijtema Maidan on Sunday morning to participate in the last prayer. Although goods traffic has been stopped in Ijtema area, passenger and raw cargo traffic is normal.

The third day of Ijtema began with a speech by Morsalin Nizamuddin of Delhi, India, after dawn on Sunday.


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