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How to know if someone is recording a call unknowingly

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  • 16 January, 2023 13:23:03

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News Desk: Many people record calls when necessary. However, many people record calls without the knowledge of the other party. It is not always harmful, but sometimes it is beneficial. Especially important meetings or transactions.

Now recording calls is a very common thing. Some mobile phones now have auto call recording. Again this can be done through various third party apps. There are many times when it is necessary to record the urgent matter. However, cases of blackmail by recording calls without permission are frequent. Disrespect is spread on social media. It affects the person, his family and the society as well.

The days of secretly recording calls are over. Google has imposed restrictions on arbitrary call recording on Android phones. When a new smart phone is set to record a call, a mechanical voice will tell the person on the other end of the phone, 'Your call is being recorded.' If the recording is stopped again, both of you will get that message. Same goes for conference calls.

Phones that have the facility of call recording, while the announcement of call recording is not heard like now, you can only know if the recording is going on by listening carefully to their calls. Because you will hear a continuous beep sound when the call is recorded from those old model phones. And if you get any such sound in the phone, be aware. Because your call is being recorded. Your words, information and even your voice can be used to deceive.

Those Android smartphones that do not have this feature can download the app from the Google Play Store which provides the facility of voice call recording. However, both parties must have consent while recording the call. Also can use various third party apps. You will find some apps in the Google Play Store that will alert you.


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