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Public appeal to fill vacant seats!

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  • 15 January, 2023 16:40:39

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News desk: Public application has been invited for filling up the vacant seats through the admission of Bachelor (Honours) and BBA first year students for the academic year 2021-22 in the clustered Jagannath University (JOB).

Students with 10000 merit rank in science (A) unit, 3000 merit rank in humanities (B) unit and up to 1100 merit rank in commerce (C) unit can apply for online admission.

Apart from this, the students who have not been admitted due to various reasons after getting the subject allocation in the first to seventh merit list will also get the opportunity to apply again.

On Sunday (January 15) the matter was confirmed by the registrar of the university. Ohiduzzaman. Earlier on Friday, the matter was also informed in a notification issued by the Registrar's Office of the University.

It is said in the notification that the students of the prescribed merit order should apply for admission by visiting the website  and logging in to their respective panels between January 15-16 . The admission list will be released on January 17. After that, till January 18-19, the newly allotted subjects will complete the admission process by submitting the certificates directly to the concerned department and Dean's office by submitting the admission fee online.

In this case, 7 thousand 400 taka for science faculty and life and earth science faculty departments (excluding initial admission fee 5 thousand taka), business studies faculty 5 thousand 400 taka (excluding initial admission fee 5 thousand taka) arts faculty, social science faculty, For law faculty departments and institutes (except 4 specialized departments) 5 thousand 400 rupees (excluding initial admission fee of 5 thousand rupees) has to be deposited.

On the other hand, those who are already admitted in any other university under the cluster, they will confirm the admission by submitting the remaining admission fee online and submitting the acknowledgment slip of the previously deposited admission fee to the concerned department and Dean's office.

It is known that 241 seats are vacant in Science (A) unit of Jagannath University. Among them 7 in Bengali Department, 10 in History Department, 9 in Islamic History and Culture Department, 9 in Islamic Studies Department, 18 in Philosophy Department, 4 in Accounting and Information Systems Department, 16 in Management Studies Department, 4 in Finance Department, 3 in Marketing Department, 6 in Economics Department, 13 in the Department of Political Science, 4 in the Department of Social Work, 7 in the Department of Sociology, 8 in the Department of Anthropology, 7 in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, 10 in the Department of Public Administration, 14 in the Department of Botany, 34 in the Department of Geography and Environment, 44 in the Department of Psychology, 8 in the Institute of Education and Research and 6 in the Institute of Modern Languages. Seats are vacant.

On the other hand, 41 seats are vacant in Humanities (B) unit. Out of which 27 seats are vacant in the Islamic Studies department and 14 in the Anthropology department. And there are two vacant seats in Commerce (C) unit. Two seats are vacant only in Anthropology department for students of this unit.

The applications of students who have passed the batch admission test for the first year admission in the academic year 2020-21 in Jagannath University started on October 17 last year. Online application is open till 27 October.

Later merit list is being published step by step to fill the seats through student admission. First year classes will start from January 22. All information related to admission is available on the  websites  .


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