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Munna Khan-Ankhi Chowdhury's lamp of happiness released

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  • 15 January, 2023 16:39:33

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Entertainment Desk: On Thursday (January 12) at 4 pm, the new musical film 'Sukher Pradeep' was released on Munna Khan Multimedia YouTube channel. The song is written by Munna Khan. Music arranged by Munshi Jewell. Singer Gagan Shakib has given tune and voice to the song. MK Mosharraf in DOP and Raju Ahmed produced the musical film. Munna Khan, Ankhi Chowdhury and Ibrahim were the models in the song. Babu was in the make-up. Model and actor Munna Khan said the song 'Sukher Pradeep' sung by singer Gagan Shakib is amazing. I worked with Ankhi Chowdhury for the first time. A great musical film has been made on the song. I believe his well-rounded performance will garner different appreciation from the audience. And if the audience accepts the song well, our success is only.

Model and actress Ankhi Chowdhury said, I worked with Munna Khan for the first time in a musical film. Moreover, I like the song very much, the melody and music composition is excellent. Producer Raju Ahmed has carefully composed the song in the picturesque location of Pubail, Gazipur. The song has been released on Munna Khan Multimedia YouTube channel, hope everyone likes the song. Producer Raju Ahmed said, the song 'Sukher Pradeep' was released. I have produced its musical film in harmony with the song A job well done. I hope everyone will like the song.

It is noted that Munna Khan, a Qatari expatriate businessman, loves the media and is gifting one musical film song after another to the crazy audience.


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