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Farooq is returning home from Singapore in February

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  • 11 January, 2023 15:03:12

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Entertainment Desk: Akbar Hossain Pathan (Farooq), the veteran actor of Dhakai cinema and Member of Parliament for Dhaka-17 Constituency, has been undergoing treatment in Singapore for almost two years. He has recovered after treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. His wife Farhana Farooq said that his physical condition is good.

If everything goes well, Farooq will return to the country within the next one to one and a half months. Farooq's wife confirmed the matter to the media from Singapore. He is unable to return to the country despite his recovery as he is unable to pay the hospital bills. In view of the news published in the media, Farhana Farooq said, 'I can't pay the hospital bill - this is not right at all. Such words should not be written.'

So why so late? In reply, Farhana said, 'Farooq Dr. Undergoing treatment under Ly. He was out of Singapore for a month. He returned two days ago. So finally Dr. I will not take clearance from here without Lai's advice. The doctor said Farooq is now completely healthy. So we will return home with him in the middle of next February, Inshallah.'

He said about paying the hospital bills, now we are paying all the hospital bills as a family. It takes some time to collect money from Bangladesh to Singapore. That doesn't mean we can't pay the bills. Everyone will pray for Farooq. Farooq is now healthy.'

Farhana Farooq also said that Farooq is being treated here for a long time. The cost of treatment in this hospital is very high. For this we sold our property. Apart from the flat and land, I also spent the money of the bank. The Prime Minister gave 100,000 dollars for Farooq's treatment. We are eternally grateful to him.

It is to be noted that on March 4, 2021, Farooq, the actor and Member of Parliament of Dhaka-17 Constituency, went to Singapore for a regular check-up. There, his condition deteriorated and he was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. He was suffering from various problems of high blood pressure, brain, nervous system.


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