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Russia is building a new military base in Mariupol

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  • 04 December, 2022 18:36:19

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International Desk:  Russia is building a new military base in Mariupol, the port city of Ukraine. This activity of Russia has been seen in several images obtained from satellites recently. Photos released on Saturday showed Russia building a new large-scale military camp in the city. Russia is gradually re-strengthening defenses in Mariupol. BBC news.

Mariupol continues to be threatened by Ukrainian counterattacks in the southern and eastern parts of the city. In this situation, Russia has started to increase the army in the city.

Russia launched an operation in Ukraine in February this year. After that, the Russian troops besieged the city of Mariupol for about three months. Their continued attacks left most of the city in ruins.

Ukrainian authorities published a list last month. It is said that about 25,000 civilians in the city were killed in the Russian attack. On the other hand, the United Nations has confirmed the death of 1,348 people in the city so far. But the agency said the actual death toll could be several thousand more.


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