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Fans were surprised to see injured Neymar in the gallery

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  • 30 November, 2022 09:30:40

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Sports Desk: Brazil won 2-0 against Serbia in their first match in Qatar World Cup. Brazilian superstar Neymar could not play in the second match against Switzerland on Monday due to an injury in that match.   

Brazilian fans were surprised to see Neymar in the gallery during the Brazil-Switzerland match with an ankle injury. Many took selfies with him. Of course, after a while everyone's mistakes broke. The one sitting in the gallery watching the game is not the real Neymar. He looks like Neymar. 

Brazil fans were surprised to see the fake Neymar in the gallery. Many took selfies with him. Security guards took Neymar out of the crowd. Not only the spectators in the gallery, several media outlets also mistakenly recognized the fake Neymar. They also said with his picture that Neymar was seen in the gallery during the Brazil match. Later, however, they corrected the mistake.  

When so much is happening with Neymar, Neymar is lying in a hotel bed. It is known that Neymar had a physiotherapy session at the hotel. So he decided not to go with the party. He decided to watch the game sitting in the hotel.  

Brazil's first match at the Qatar World Cup was against Serbia. After that match, after seeing that Neymar on the streets of Qatar, famous media such as Fox Sports tweeted pictures and said that Neymar is walking on the streets of Doha. Later, however, they realize their mistake. 


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