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Bone pain can be a symptom of cancer

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  • 22 November, 2022 15:58:36

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News Desk: Hearing the name of cancer, everyone is shocked! Early detection of incurable diseases like cancer reduces the patient's risk of death. However, if it is detected too late and the patient is not taken under proper treatment, the cancer spreads throughout the body. Then the death of the patient approaches.

Cancer symptoms manifest differently in each person's body. For this reason, even the smallest symptoms should not be neglected, experts say. For example, it is normal to have pain or pain in the bones due to hard work or sudden injury.

But if you often find yourself groaning with bone pain for no apparent reason, it's a cause for concern. Because these symptoms can be blood cancer. The number of blood cancer patients is also increasing worldwide. People of any age can get blood cancer. The risk of this cancer is high in children. When affected by this disease, the elements in the blood begin to form and spread uncontrollably. Be it red blood cells or white blood cells or platelets. Generally, blood cancer is divided into two types. One is acute and the other is chronic.

What are the symptoms of blood cancer?

1. Weakness due to lack of blood
2. Aversion to food
3. Chest palpitations
4. Water accumulation on the feet
5. Pale skin
6. Suffering from fever for a long time
7. Abnormal bleeding
8. Swollen lymph nodes
9. Enlargement of liver and spleen
10. Weight loss
11. Severe pain in the bones
12. Sweating in sleep etc.

If you see these symptoms, get tested quickly and consult a doctor. After diagnosing the type of blood cancer, the doctor applies different methods of treatment.

In this case, depending on the type of cancer, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy etc. are given to the patient. In some cases bone marrow transplant is also done to cure the disease completely.

Source: Blood Cancer.org.uk


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