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BNP fielded identified terrorists: Obaidul Quader

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  • 17 November, 2022 17:56:41

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News Desk: Awami League General Secretary and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader condemned and protested BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir's speech.

In a statement on Thursday, Obaidul Quader said that the people of the country know very well where they are. Where was the BNP period? Due to Sheikh Hasina's timely decisions for more than a century, Bangladesh today stands on a strong foothold in all socio-economic fields. Anointed with a unique status as a self-respecting nation state at the World Assembly. So the people of the country definitely do not want to go back to those barren, prosperous, dark times of BNP.

He said, people have rejected BNP full of hatred. And the BNP, rejected by the people, has spread the heat of terror at various times due to the addiction of revenge. We tried to protect the people from the heat of that terror, we tried to keep them away.

In a statement, Awami League General Secretary said, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir himself said that their rally was peaceful. That is, the government did not prevent this gathering. The government was only careful that BNP could not commit terrorist activities on this occasion. BNP has once again fielded identified terrorists to perpetuate their reign of terror. Law enforcement forces are taking action against those terrorists based on specific information. The government is not filing false cases against anyone.

In the statement, he said, the main responsibility of the government is to provide peace and security to the people under normal conditions. Along with peace and security, the government continues to provide relief to the people amid the ongoing global crisis. In this era of free flow of information, the people of the country know very well how deep the impact of the global crisis is and the government is making continuous efforts to deal with it. So the people did not get angry. Rather, capitalizing on this global crisis, BNP has become desperate to seize power through conspiracy.


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