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IS plans to attack Qatar during the World Cup

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  • 16 November, 2022 14:09:55

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Sports Desk: There are only four days left for the start of the Football World Cup in Qatar. So all the football lovers of the world are counting the days waiting for November 20. Many people are also preparing to watch the game in person. But in the mood of this joy came news of panic. The Islamic State (IS) is planning a terrorist attack in Qatar during the World Cup.

In a report of the Spanish media Marca, the fear of this terrorist attack was reported.

According to the report, some IS supporters have issued this call of terror through the mobile app 'Telegram'. They talked about terrorist attacks during the World Cup. At this time, the target of this group is those countries, which have opposed IS on the world stage. For example, Belgium, Canada, France. Attacks on football players of those countries were not mentioned. Attacks have also been called on the spectators from those countries who have come to watch the game in Qatar.

The message exchanged through Telegram said, 'Clean operation has started. Participate in Qatar World Cup and score goals. The goal is empty.'

IS supporters are known to focus on violence and physical abuse. They think it will be difficult to get so many people from all over the world together. So what to do, should be done here.

Two 'infographics' have also gone viral through the Telegram app. One of them includes the names of countries that have called for a coalition to defeat IS. And in the second, there are the names of all the teams that participated in the World Cup in Qatar.


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