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Singer Akbar of 'Etatadi' fame is no more

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  • 14 November, 2022 16:51:03

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Entertainment Desk : Akbar, the famous musician of 'Etadi', has passed away. On Sunday (November 13) around 3:30 pm, his daughter Athai confirmed the news of the singer's death. From the Facebook ID of 'Singer Akbar', Akbar's daughter wrote, 'Father is no more'.

Akbar, who has been struggling with various diseases for a long time, deteriorated and was admitted to Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital (BARDEM) in the capital on November 5. He was taken to the ICU in the early hours of November 9 in a critical condition. In the end, this singer could not return from there.

Akbar was suffering from various physical complications including diabetes, jaundice, kidney, blood inflammation for two years. Due to failure of two kidneys, his right leg was damaged due to accumulation of water in his body. That leg was surgically amputated two weeks ago. His kidney and liver problems worsened after his leg was amputated. That is why he was supposed to be taken to India. But before that, he did not cross to the country of return.

On Tuesday (November 8) afternoon, his wife Kaniz Fatema informed about the latest condition of Akbar's treatment. He said, 'Akbar's treatment has not improved. Blood is passing through urine and stool. The doctor said nothing can be said until the bleeding stops. The doctor also said that there is very little chance of recovery from this condition. Still, they might have given us some hope if the urine and bowels had stopped bleeding.'

It is to be noted that a century and a half ago in BTV's popular magazine show 'Etiyadi', Akbar, a rickshaw puller in his profession, created a sensation by singing the song 'Ekdin Pakhi Ude Gaye Je Akashe'. But that song changed his life. He stopped pedaling a rickshaw on the road and concentrated on music. He then sang the original song titled 'Toma Haat Pakhhar Bata Se' etc. It is also very popular. Since then, apart from releasing new songs, Akbar has been singing regularly on stages in the country and abroad.


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