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Should have been satisfied with one's son-in-law: Mimke Parimani

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  • 10 November, 2022 13:08:07

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Entertainment desk: Dhakai movie actress Parimony. She suddenly fell for her husband actor Shariful Raj, actress Vidya Sinha Mim and director Raihan Rafi.

On Wednesday (November 9) at around 2:30 PM, Parimony expressed his anger at them and made a suggestive post on Facebook. The post accused the actress of extramarital affairs against Meem and called director Raihan Rafi a broker. At the same time Parimoni gave a warning to her husband Raj.

Parimoni tagged Raihan Rafi in the beginning of that post, let's see if he does a good job with the movie!'

Then Parimoni tagged Mim and wrote, 'Should have been satisfied with my son-in-law.'

Similarly, tagging her husband Raj, the actress wrote, 'You shouldn't have let it go this far.'

Recently two movies named 'Paran' and 'Damal' were released under the direction of Raihan Rafi. Raj and Mim acted in pairs there. Their pair has caught the attention of the audience.


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