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Now Imran-Parsi is bringing 'second life'

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  • 01 November, 2022 00:49:55

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Entertainment Desk: The two popular musicians of this time are Imran and Padshi. Both emerged from Channel I's music competition. In 2008, Imran entered the music industry with 'Serakantha' and in 2009, Padshi entered the music industry with 'Khude Gaanraj'.

In 2012, they joined hands for the first time in a song titled 'Janam Janam'. After the huge popularity of that song, they gave their voice in songs like 'Joy Hobe Hoe Hobe', 'Abdar', 'Bole Dao', 'Ek Bhode'. They were also well received by the audience.

Now Imran and Padshi are appearing with a new song. Titled 'Second Life'. Lyrics of the song are written by Kabir Bakul. Composed and composed by Imran. Imran-Parsi has already participated in its shooting. Directed by Saikat Razor, this video features two artists separately.

About the song, Imran said, 'The duet of me and Padshi has been received very well by the audience even before. The lyrics of this song are also different. The video was made in a separate event. I believe everyone will like it.'

The neighbor said, 'The song is very good. Pretty optimistic. Everyone has a different expectation about Imran Bhaiya and my song. That expectation will be fulfilled through this song.'

'Second Life' music video will be launched soon on CMV's YouTube channel.


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