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Singapore's Mount Elizabeth is being taken by Sohail Rana

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  • 30 October, 2022 00:29:18

Photo: Collected

Entertainment Desk:  Popular actor Masood Parvez Sohail Rana is being taken to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for better eye treatment. Sohail Rana will be taken to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on Sunday. Masood Parvez's son producer-actor Mashroor Parvez informed this information.

Earlier, Sohail Rana underwent eye surgery in a hospital in Dhaka last Tuesday. His eyes did not improve after that surgery. His son said, father underwent surgery in Dhaka, it was not successful. Rather, more complications have arisen. That is why we quickly contact Mount Elizabeth. We are going there on Sunday. This is called cataract surgery. I and mother (Zinat Begum) will go with father. I want to pray to everyone. Earlier, he underwent the same surgery on his right eye at Mount Elizabeth. This time it was done in Dhaka as his routine surgery. However, the results have been reversed.

Earlier, Sohail Rana was infected with coronavirus. He was fine for 8 months after recovering from there. Now he has a new problem with his eyes.


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