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Stabbing of 4 students in Bogra: A juvenile gang member arrested

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  • 26 October, 2022 23:15:19

Photo: CNI

Sanju Roy, Bogra: Four students, including a student of Government Azizul Haque College, were stabbed to death in broad daylight in Bogra within an hour. Currently they are undergoing treatment at Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College (SHJMEC) Hospital. And in this incident, Sadar police station arrested a 17-year-old boy. Initially, the police believe that the stabbing happened for the purpose of robbery. The incident of stabbing took place at the city's Tinmatha Adarsh ​​Degree College at around 1.30 pm on Wednesday and at 2.30 pm at the city's Amtala junction. The four students who were stabbed are Md Tushar (20), a 1st year student of Bengali Department of Government Azizul Haque College, Sohan Ali (19), a senior secondary student of Government Shah Sultan College, Md Rashed (18), a 10th standard student of Pallimangal High School and Cadet Madrasa Palshar. Tenth class student Md. Shakib (16). Among them, Tushar, a student of Government Azizul Haque College, was stabbed at Amtala intersection around 1.30 pm and the other three were stabbed in front of Adarsh ​​Degree College at around 2.30 pm, according to the source of the scene. Bogra Sadar police station officer-in-charge Noore Alam Siddiqui confirmed the matter. Also, according to Bogra Sadar police sources, none of the four students who were stabbed are known to anyone. The four students who were initially injured said that the miscreants were all carrying indigenous weapons and hockey sticks. When I spoke to Tushar, a student of the Bangla Department of Government Azizul Haque College who was stabbed, he said that he left the hostel around 1:30 PM and went to Amtala intersection. Meanwhile, some miscreants came on a motorcycle and took away his mobile phone and money bag. When he tried to stop them, he was stabbed and beaten with a hockey stick. Rashed, a class 10 student of Pallimangal High School, said he was returning home after finishing school. Meanwhile, 10 to 15 young men called him with weapons and hockey sticks. When he tried to escape without listening to them, they forcibly stabbed him. Rashed said that he did not know any of them. After talking to Inspector Haridas Mondal, in-charge of Bogra Sadar Thana Stadium police outpost on Wednesday evening about the latest situation after the stabbing, he said that several teams of Sadar Thana police have been on the ground since the incident. Although none of the family members of the victimized students have yet lodged a complaint with the police station, a teenager involved in the incident was arrested with a knife used for robbery from inside the city's Hachen Ali Market at approximately 4:00 pm after the incident. In the investigation of the incident, initially it is believed that the stabbing incidents were committed for the purpose of robbery. The arrested youth said that there were 3 of them but the police believe that many others are involved in this incident and the police operation is going on to arrest them, he said. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, 4 students were stabbed to death in broad daylight in the span of an hour, causing panic in different parts of the city. Even after the police operation, the violence of these members of the youth gangs or the members of organized robbery gangs increased so negatively, how many of the civil society of Bogra are questioning the law and order situation in the city.

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