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Decision to demolish illegal CNG autorickshaws in Feni

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  • 20 October, 2022 21:30:07

Photo: CNI

Habib Miyaji, Feni: It has been decided to crack down on the detention and dumping of all unregistered and delinquent CNG autobixas under token trade by breaking the names of government parties and police. On Thursday (October 20) at noon, Feni Municipality Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miyaji initiated this decision in a meeting to resolve traffic extortion and traffic congestion on the roads and highways of Feni. Feni Deputy Commissioner Abu Salim Mahmud Ul Hasan, Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zakir Hossain, Executive Engineer of Roads and Towns Department Binoy Kumar Pal, Deputy Director of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) Abdullah Al Mamun, Inspector of Police Traffic Department Mohammad Anwarul Azim, Highway Police Officials, leaders of various transport organizations, journalists were present. The number of CNG autorickshaws registered in Feni came up during the discussion in the conference room of Feni Deputy Commissioner 9 thousand 2 hundred. The number of illegal CNG autorickshaws is more than 10 thousand. These unregistered and delinquent CNG autorickshaws are running around the city with various stickers and cards at the rate of Tk 500 per month from some miscreants and extortionists and dishonest police. In the name of business association, some unscrupulous people have placed petty traders in hawkers and rickshaw vans on the streets of the city. The Lathi Bahini collects the fee only through the receipts of the municipal lessees. In Mohipal area of ​​Fenir on Dhaka-Chittagong highway, busses are parked in a disorderly manner under Udal bridge, passengers are picked up and toll is collected openly. BRTC buses are stopping at their designated spots and causing traffic jams on the highways. In view of such allegations, after a long discussion, it was unanimously decided - extortion on highways, stop token trade and mike till next Sunday to clear sidewalk encroachment, carry out bull raid from next Monday, leased bus and CNG stand of Feni municipality Daudupur, Hospital Mor, Arresting extortionists on road transport except Madina bus stand area, filing cases against all bus passengers including BRTC on the road in Mohipal area of ​​the highway and eviction of ticket tong house in Mohipal. No CNG autorickshaws without registration will be allowed to ply in the city. Municipal Mayor and Municipal Awami League General Secretary Nazrul Islam Swapan Miyaji said that no one from the municipality or his party is involved in transport extortion and token trading. He demanded strict action against those involved. He said that the Mahipal bus terminal will be renovated and temporarily converted into a bus counter. Feni Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zakir Hossain asserted that the police have no involvement with transport extortion and token trade and said that if all present at the meeting are united in the end, it is possible to stop transport extortion and traffic congestion control in Feni. Police will act with sincerity. Deputy Commissioner of Feni Abu Salim Mahmud Ul Hasan said, in consultation with the concerned department, they will take the initiative to bring unregistered CNG autorickshaws under registration as per the demand.

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