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The British Ambassador appointed in Tehran has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Iran

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  • 27 September, 2022 15:18:28

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News  desk: The British ambassador appointed in Tehran has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Iran on the charge of conducting a massive anti-Iranian campaign. On Sunday afternoon, British Ambassador Simon Shrecliffe was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran by the Director General of the European Department of the Ministry. On the same day, Iran issued a strong protest by summoning the ambassador of Norway. Norwegian parliament speaker Masoud Gharahkhani has summoned the country's ambassador after criticizing Iran's government.

Protests have taken place in 80 cities, including the capital Tehran, as citizens mourn the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who was detained for violating the hijab law in Iran and await the forensic investigation report. Protesters carried out various acts of vandalism including vandalizing public and private property.

Protesters attacked ambulances, fire service vehicles and microbuses carrying aid workers. So far, 61 ambulances have been damaged in the attack and several members of the medical team have been hospitalized with injuries.

But the Western media, especially the London-based BBC and other news channels, are trying to portray the protesters as 'heroic fighters' instead of promoting their destructive and destructive activities.

Due to the provocative propaganda of these channels, the common people of Iran are getting confused and the image of Iran is being undermined in the world.

Director General summoned the British ambassador and informed about Iran's strong protest in this regard. He said that Tehran considers the activities of British channels as interference in Iran's internal affairs. At that time, the British ambassador promised to inform London about Iran's protest.


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