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US-South Korea four-day long joint naval exercise

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  • 27 September, 2022 15:17:51

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International Desk:  The United States and South Korea have started a four-day joint naval exercise on the east coast of the Korean Peninsula from Monday. This is the first time that the two countries are conducting such exercises in the last five years. A day before this, North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test. News from Al Jazeera and Voice of America.

The South Korean Navy said more than 20 warships took part in the four-day exercise and several aircraft will join. Warship and submarine destroyer operations will be conducted in the exercise.

South Korea's president has announced the continuation of joint exercises with the United States. America has 28,500 troops deployed in South Korea.

South Korean President Eun Suk Yu-yol pledged to maximize military cooperation with the United States after coming to power in May. After this exercise is being held.

The South Korean Navy said in a statement shortly after the start of the exercise that the exercise will strengthen relations between South Korea and the United States in the face of North Korea's provocations.


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