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The suspension period of Khaleda Zia's sentence is increasing by another 6 months

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  • 19 September, 2022 14:35:49

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News desk: BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's sentence has been suspended and the release period is extended by six months in the previous two conditions.

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Haque confirmed this on Sunday (September 18).

Anisul Haque said that during the extended period, Khaleda Zia will receive her treatment from her residence in Dhaka and during this time she will not be able to go out of the country - as before, an opinion has been given to extend Khaleda Zia's release period for another 6 months under these two conditions.

After the opinion of the Ministry of Law, a notification will be issued in this regard from the Security Service Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

With this, the release period of Khaleda Zia, imprisoned for the sixth time, is increasing. Khaleda Zia's sentence will be suspended and the release period will end on September 24.

A few days ago, Khaleda Zia's younger brother Shamim Eskander appealed to the Home Minister for unconditional release and permission to go abroad for better treatment.

Khaleda Zia has been suffering from various physical complications including arthritis, diabetes, kidney, liver, lung, eye problems for a long time. On August 22, the BNP Chairperson went to Evercare Hospital for a health check-up. Five days later, on August 28, he was again admitted to the hospital for medical examination. He returned home on August 31 after completing various procedures at the hospital.

Khaleda Zia was imprisoned in two cases. Khaleda Zia's sentence has been suspended by the executive order. Khaleda Zia was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case on February 8, 2018 by Dhaka's Special Court No. 5 established at Bakshibazar Alia Madrasa Ground. After the verdict, Khaleda was kept in the Old Central Jail located on Nazimuddin Road in Old Dhaka. Then on October 30, the High Court increased his sentence by another five years to 10 years on appeal in this case.

On October 29 of the same year, the same court sentenced Khaleda Zia to seven years of rigorous imprisonment in the Zia Charitable Trust corruption case. In addition to seven years imprisonment, Khaleda Zia was fined Tk 10 lakh. In default of payment of fine, he ordered another 6 months imprisonment.

When the Corona epidemic started in March 2020, the government released Khaleda Zia, who was imprisoned, for six months, after suspending her sentence by executive order following the family's request. When the first round of release was over, Begum Zia's family filed an application for permanent release on August 25 of that year. In this context, the government extended his release period for six months from September 25 last year for the second time. The family also requested to take Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment. But the government did not take that proposal into consideration and extended the release period three more times, which will expire on September 24.

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