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Now actress Jyothika Jyoti has given news of new movie

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  • 14 September, 2022 15:54:51

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Entertainment Desk: Actress Jyothika Jyoti starrer movie 'Lal Morga Jhunti' was released last year. He was praised for acting in Nurul Alam Atiq's movie. Now he said that he is going to work in a new movie.

Although the name of the film is not fixed, Jyoti will play the title role. The actress is reluctant to tell the name or story of the movie.

He said, for now, the name of the film will not be revealed, but if everything goes well, it will be my 12th film. Like all my other films, I believe that this will also deserve your love and appreciation. Will give details soon.

In 2005, Jyotika Jyoti's first movie 'Ayana' was released. He then played prominent roles in Belal Ahmed's 'Nandit Narake' and Tanveer Mokammel's 'Rabeya'.

Later, Jyoti starrer Tanveer Mokammel's 'Jiwandhuli' and Azad Kalam's 'Bedeni' were released. Jyoti's first short film was called 'Break Up'.

Meanwhile, he currently has another film in his hand called 'Antyeshtikriya'.

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