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Of course, the government will reduce oil prices: Planning Minister

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  • 09 September, 2022 10:52:15

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News Desk: Recently, the Bangladesh government has reduced the price of fuel oil by Tk 5 per liter. Planning Minister MA Mannan said that the price of oil may decrease further in the future. The minister said, if the price of oil increases, we will increase the price, and if it decreases, we will reduce it. The government is aware of the inconvenience caused by the sudden rise in oil prices. He said these things to reporters while attending the founding anniversary of Savar Center for Rehabilitation of Paralyzed (CRP) on Thursday afternoon. MA Mannan said that the government has not only reduced the prices, but the power and related ministers have said that they will adjust the prices again and reduce them further. We trust him, we trust the government. Of course the government will reduce the price of oil. Unless another war breaks out, unless another terrible accident occurs in the world. However, we are not seeing any signs of this. He also said that the current world is in a stable state. So I hope the situation will be favourable. In response to a question about how the price of oil can decrease later, he said, "I am not the responsible minister in this regard." I will reduce the price as I have previous experience. But I am in favor of gradual reduction. It is not good to increase by leaps and decrease by leaps. will be gradually reduced. In response to the question whether the price of oil may decrease this month, he said, "I am not in a position to talk about the timing of lowering the price of oil." But overall I can say that the price will decrease, decrease, decrease. According to the new price of fuel oil, diesel and kerosene are currently selling at Tk 109 per liter, octane at Tk 135 and petrol at Tk 130. On the night of last August 5, fuel oil prices increased due to a sudden announcement. The effect of raising the price to a maximum of Tk 46 per liter is affecting the market. Instantly the price of all products started to increase. The disorientation of the common people under the pressure of the increase in the cost of living and the unbridled rise of goods in the market. This caused a storm of discussion and criticism throughout the country.

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